Softly Energiework
For the positive Reaction of my treatment, I want to offer you the first 30 Minutes.
Healing Light
Imagine, your Body find back to its holistically, original well- being.
Perfect Nutrition
With pleasure I will help you to find your ideal Balance, without waiver dine of delicious.
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Energiework for ChakrenBalan- ce, Meridianen-Balancing and the healing Sound of my Voice for Reconnection (Quantum- healing)
Gabriela Azoulay
Gabriela Azoulay - Heilbehandlung
You will feel the energy  as heat that goes in unlimited quantity, to the place where it is needed.  That stimulates your self- healing powers.  My Energy Work consisting of Chakra & Meridian Healing, together with my EOLIA-Heart-singing it is an accompaniment and support to your self-  healing by enhancing your own bio-energetic healing powers. 
-  accelerate the process of self-healing -  strengthen the immunity system  -  encourage elimination of toxins  -  dissolve energy blockades  -  relieve pain, whatever the origin is 
-  enhance mental and physical healing  -  work on the symptoms and their causes  -  relax and reduce your stress levels -  releases your repressed emotions -  re-balance your chakras and give you energy